Benefits of using the One Scotland Gazetteer data

As the data is being maintained by those who create or amend the official address for a property, the One Scotland Gazetteer is the most up to date source of address information.

Benefits include:

  • Faster, more efficient public services through a centralised address source.
  • High level of data currency and reliability along with a robust change feedback mechanism ensuring user confidence.
  • Potential to support multiple-government applications and build address links through the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN).
  • Availability to OneScotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA) members producing cost efficiencies both at local and national level.
  • A spatial reference for every record means that data can be incorporated into Geographical Information Systems and combined with additional datasets or overlaid on vector or raster data.
  • Additional information such as the status of a property (for example, in use or historical) or important dates in its lifecycle (date the record was created or last updated) can help expand the potential uses of the data.

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