Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some frequently asked questions about the One Scotland Gazetteer and its addressing data.

Q. Why does my address look different when I use the Gazetteer Search Tool?

A. The addresses within the Gazetteer are created in accordance with the British Standard 7666:2006 for addressing. This requires that specific details of an address are included. For example, your address may fall under a specific locality, but this may not be used locally within the address. The address is made up of information determined by your local authority (for example house number, street, town and locality) and Royal Mail (post town and postcode).

Q. How can I get hold of One Scotland Gazetteer data?

A. We would advise first looking at the Current Gazetteer Users section of this site. This provides details on who may have access to the gazetteer, along with what means it may be accessed from. If you still have further questions we would ask that you contact Improvement Service One Scotland Gazetteer Customer Management for further information. Details may be found in the Contact Us section of this site.



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