Managing the One Scotland Gazetteer

All 32 Scottish local authorities are responsible for their local Street Naming and Numbering function, allowing them to add, edit and remove records when appropriate.   Further address information is gathered through planning applications and building warrant completions, showing when new properties are being created and old ones are being demolished.

This brings a high level of currency and accuracy to the One Scotland Gazetteer.

Local Data Custodians upload their data to the Gazetteer portal on a frequent basis and their data is validated against the Scottish Gazetteer Conventions to ensure all valid records are available.

This project forms part of the Improvement Service’s Customer First programme. The Customer First programme has been developed in partnership with all 32 Scottish local authorities and is managed by the Improvement Service with the Convention of Local Authorities (COSLA) and the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE). It is Scottish Government-backed programme to help councils deliver more convenient and responsive public services, encourages online access to services and ensure that at least 75% of core service requests can be be handled at first point of contact.

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