One Scotland Gazetteer Services

The One Scotland Gazetteer may be accessed in two different formats, either through a web service or as an export.  The most suitable option will depend on which best suits your requirements.

Web Service: This is the preferred method of access as the  web service communicates directly with it and allows you to access the gazetteer in real time, providing the most up to date information.  The search facility on this site uses the web service and shows how this may be incorporated into your business.

Export File: An export may be provided in the Scottish Data Transfer Format (SDTF) as a CSV file. Exports, will be scheduled to be run at a predetermined frequency.  A subset of data may also be supplied to match your requirements.

Change Request Mechanism: The One Scotland Gazetteer portal contains a change request mechanism which allows you to give feedback to the custodians of the data. If an address cannot be found or you believe there is an error within it, a call may be raised for the local authority custodian to investigate further.

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